April 2019 Craft Beer of the Month: Bell's Brewing

Bell's Brewing - April Beer of the Month at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits.jpg

The last time we shared a post highlighting our Beer of the Month, we indicated how lucky we were to narrowly miss a March Snowmageddon. And the last time we shared a post with a Michigan connection, Michigan State players and fans ended up leaving downtown Minneapolis earlier than anticipated.

With that out of the way, we are proud to highlight Michigan’s own Bell’s Brewing as our April craft beer of the month! If you are a fan of either Michigan State – or of actual spring – we hope you stop by this week and stock up on enough to numb your sorrows. With our Spring Sale in full swing, regardless of what we see in the weather forecast, it’ll be easy enough to do so!

See below our full list of craft beer specials from Bell’s Brewing, and more of your favorite craft breweries, available throughout April.

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April Craft Beer of the Month: Bell's Brewing Company:
Bell's Two Hearted IPA 4pk Sale $7.99 Reg. $9.99
Bell's Oberon 4pk Sale $6.99 Reg. $7.99
Bell's Official 6pk Sale $9.99 Reg. $10.99
Bell's Two Hearted 12pk Sale $16.99 Reg. $19.99
Bell's Oberon 12pk Sale $14.99 Reg. $18.99

New Craft Beer In April!:
Lupulin Fruit Smack IPA with Raspberry and Vanilla 4pk cans $19.99
Indeed Cherry Dust Cherry Sour Ale 4pk cans $19.99
Indeed In the Thicket Raspberry Sour Ale 375ml bottle $7.99
56 Brewing Solarama DDH Honey IPA 4pk cans $16.99
Able Better Selves IPA 6pk cans $10.99
Surly Barrel-Aged Darkness $24.99 750ml bottle *Limited
Surly Space Race Double Dry-hopped Double IPA $18.99 4pk 16oz cans
Oliphant Hobo Town Gose Sale $8.99 Reg: $9.99
2 Towns Seek Out Pineapple/Passion Fruit Hard Seltzer $9.99 6pk cans
2 Towns Seek Out Raspberry Lemon Hard Seltzer $9.99 6pk cans
Lagunitas Brett Stout $8.99 750ml bottle
Firestone Walker Sucaba Barleywine $9.99 375ml bottle
Bell's Oberon $6.99 4pk 16oz cans
Bell's Oberon Sale: $16.99 Reg: $18.99 12pk cans
O'so Oh You Witty Things Wit Ale 4pk cans $12.99
Maui/Ale Smith Collab Hi Hoaloha Rice Ale 4pk cans $10.99
Prairie Oh! Fudge Brownie Stout 12oz bottle $7.99
Prairie Okie Imperial Brown Ale 12oz bottle $9.99

Able 6pk (All types) Sale $8.99 Reg. $9.99
Grain Belt Premium 12pk bottles Sale $9.99 Reg. $11.99
Grain Belt Nordeast 12pk bottles Sale $11.99 Reg. $13.99
Bent Paddle Double Shot Double Black 750ml Sale $21.99 Reg. $23.99
Corona & Corona Lt 12pk bottles Sale $14.99 Reg. $16.99
Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget 4pk Sale $8.99 Reg. $10.99
Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue 4pk Sale $9.99 Reg. $11.99
Toppling Goliath Pompeii 4pk cans Sale $8.99 Reg. $10.99
Toppling Goliath King Sue 4pk Sale $17.99 Reg. $19.99
Hamm's 30pk Sale $14.99 Reg. $16.99
Oliphant 4pk Low Tier Sale $7.99 Reg. $8.99
Oliphant 4pk High Tier Sale $8.99 Reg. $9.99
Oliphant Crowler Low Tier Sale $7.99 Reg. $8.99
Oliphant Crowler High Tier Sale $8.99 Reg. $9.99
O'so 6pk (all types) Sale $12.99 Reg. $14.99
Sisyphus Peanut Butter Jackpot 4pk Sale $11.99 Reg. $13.99
Sisyphus Scoopshot Shakestyle IPA 4pk Sale $14.99 Reg. $16.99
Bauhaus 12pk cans Sale $14.99 Reg. $16.99
PBR Tall boy 6pk cans Sale $4.99 Reg. $5.99
Sociable Cider (all types) 4pk Sale $9.99 Reg. $10.99
Seattle Ciders 4pk cans Sale $9.99 Reg. $11.99
Fair State Hard Water 4pk cans Sale $6.99 Reg. $9.99
Truly 12pk Berry Sale $14.99 Reg. $18.99
Truly 12pk Citrus Sale $14.99 Reg. $18.99
White Claw Variety 12pk Sale $14.99 Reg. $18.99