Spring Sale Liquor & Spirit Specials!

Despite appearances suggesting otherwise, we assure you that it is indeed spring. For proof, don’t look out the window, but instead, head into our downtown Minneapolis store where our annual Spring Sale is happening through next weekend.

Nearly everything in our store is available at a once-per-year price, including the spirits below:

Tattersall Rye 750mL Sale $32.99 Reg. $39.99

Svedka 1.75L Sale $14.99 Reg. $19.99

Absolut 1.0L (all types) Sale $19.99 Reg. $24.99

Patron Roca Silver 750ML Sale $29.99 Reg. $64.99

Hendrick's Gin 750ml Sale $24.99 Reg. $32.99

Woodford (all types) 750ML Sale $24.99 Reg. $35.99

Evan Williams Single Barrel 750ml Sale $19.99 Reg. $24.99

Old Forester Classic Bourbon Sale $17.99 Reg. $22.99

Four Roses Single Barrel Sale $36.99 Reg. $46.99

Four Roses Small Batch Sale $29.99 Reg. $34.99

The Balvenie 14yr Caribbean Cask Scotch Sale $64.99 Reg. $71.99

Laphoaig 10yr Sale $39.99 Reg. $52.99

Laphroaig Select 750ML Sale $39.99 Reg. $64.99

Laphroaig Cairdeas Sale $74.99 Reg. $84.99

Talisker Storm Scotch Sale $29.99 Reg. $69.99

Suntory Toki Whiskey Sale $27.99 Reg. $44.99

Tullamore Dew 750ML Sale $17.99 Reg. $26.99

Di Saronno Amaretto 750ML Sale $21.99 Reg. $27.99

Aperol 750ML Sale $14.99 Reg. $22.99

Campari 750ML Sale $19.99 Reg. $27.99

And Rare Whiskey!
This may be your last chance to buy any of our Buffalo Trace store pick. We are getting dangerously low, so if you liked it and want one or two more for the spring/summer you should stop in now and grab it. Don't forget how stinking good the Old Forester store pick is as well, it is delicious so grab some of them as well.