If You Are Still Here For The Final Four, 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits Is Still Here For You!

While we say good-bye, probably, to fans of Auburn and Michigan State, we are happy to welcome fans for Virginia and Texas Tech for another day at least!

We also know that if you are still in town, there is a good chance that you are racing from one destination to another, glancing at your phone the entire way.

So in the interest of both ensuring you find more of what we have to offer, and that you stay safe while on the go, we’ll keep this post short and to the point.

Through the rest of your visit, we will be hosting our Annual Spring Sale at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in downtown Minneapolis, right next to US Bank Stadium!

See what we have to offer in the full list below:

 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits - 2019 Spring Sale!

If we do not see you again after today, thank you for visiting!