Our Spring Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits Sale Is The Most Exciting Event In Downtown Minneapolis This Weekend!

It seems like people have been talking about “The Final Four” for at least the past three years. Well, today is the day! We are told that 90,000 people are coming to the Twin Cities this weekend to watch the best four teams in college basketball duke it out (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) for the national championship.

All of those visitors are NOT going to come to 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits this weekend! If you are receiving this newsletter, then YOU are our best customers. Please don’t let the anticipated hoards of basketball fans chase you out of downtown Minneapolis or away from what we hope is your favorite craft beer, fine wine and spirits outlet. You’re not just our best customers, you are our friends and neighbors…and we look forward to seeing you.

If you skip town this weekend, not only will we miss you, but you will miss the beginning of our Spring Sale, which started yesterday and runs through Sunday, April 21st!

When you walk into the store this week, you will be met with a sea of pink sale signs. Don, Rob, Darren and Cory have been working really hard to bring you the best deals of the year right now just in time for your Easter dinner on April 21st or your Passover Seders April 19 and 20. The weather seems to finally be cooperating and you will want to stock up for Spring parties, picnics and outings. Do it now, when the prices are at their best!

We want to remind you that the Ridge Vineyards Tasting is May 1st at 6:30 PM at the Aloft Hotel. Ridge was founded in 1962, which makes it one of the oldest post Prohibition wineries in California. The winery is terroir driven, and you will have the opportunity to see the differences that each single vineyard impart to the iconic Ridge Zinfandels that we will be tasting that night. Additionally, we will be tasting Chardonnay and Cabernet from this important winery. It is going to be a terrific tasting, and we would like to see you there. Call the store at (612)339-4040 or send us a note at info@1010wws.com to reserve your spot.

There are no reservations necessary for our Fourth Annual Best Indoor Rose’ Tasting taking place on Saturday, May 11th from 4PM til 7PM. That may or may not be enough time to sample from the over forty rose’ wines from the 2018 vintage that will be available. This has always been one of the best events we have inside the store. It is a great opportunity to sample, and purchase the wines of Summer when they are not only fresh, but AVAILABLE. So many of these wines are shipped into the market in the Spring and not reordered by our suppliers. When you find something you like, jump on it to avoid future disappointment.

As usual, there is a lot going on at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits! We want you to think of us as YOUR store. We love seeing you. We love suggesting new and different beverages for your enjoyment. You are our reason for being here.

Thanks for reading this!