Find Late Summer’s Best Selection of Wine, Spirits & Craft Beer at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits In Downtown Minneapolis!

We seem to have an ongoing theme of time flying by…

That is because we want YOU to be aware of the passing of days and that life is to be savored and enjoyed. With all the hustle to and fro, there has to be time set aside to enjoy life.

This is self-interest of course, because nothing speaks better to a life well lived and total enjoyment than a perfect glass of wine with a great meal, a cold craft beer on a warm summer’s day, or that perfect dram of scotch, bourbon, cognac or rum at the end of a long day. We will not allow that last sentence to pass without saying that we think the best place to shop for these elixirs of a wonderful life is, of course, 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in downtown Minneapolis.

As for time flying….the next time we send out this little newsletter will be Opening Day for the Minnesota State Fair!! Football season and snowfall cannot be far behind. We say this only to encourage you to take advantage of our beautiful Minnesota Summer before it fades into memory…and yes, we would love to help you find the perfect adult beverage for your late summer outing.

Let me repeat myself from the last note we shared with you.

We like to think that 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits has one of the most carefully curated selections of wines, spirits, craft beers and yes….hard seltzers that you will find in a store our size anywhere in either Minneapolis or all of Minnesota. To add to that statement, we would say that some of the best stores in the whole country are right here in Minnesota. Wine and Spirit outlets in Minnesota HAVE to be good! By law, that is what we sell. We are specialists, devoting full time to finding the newest and the best, most delicious beverages we can. It is a good thing too, because YOU are the best educated, best traveled, most affluent consumers in the world. We like to think that we have to devote our efforts to keeping up with you and expanding your choices along with your horizons.

That whole riff is a preamble to thanking you for your business…and asking again that you take advantage of the selection we offer. What’s fun about being an American consumer, besides all the patriotic responses, is that you have the best selections available to any consumer in the world. Almost everything we sell is made to make your life more enjoyable. It all tastes good….or we don’t put it in the store. If it isn’t good, we stand behind every product we sell. Please take advantage of us!

I had better stop…

Thanks for everything. Thanks for reading this!