Find The Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits You Need To Enjoy The Waning Days of A Minnesota Summer!

If you don’t think that 2019 is slipping away on us, then you have not noticed that the Minnesota Vikings have started training camp and the first pre-season game is in New Orleans on August 9th…less than two weeks from now! The first University of Minnesota game is four weeks from today….and it takes place during THE STATE FAIR!!!

What we are suggesting is that our glorious Summer is slipping away from us and we all need to be taking advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy our great outdoors. That last sentence means different things to each of us. Regardless of how you view the month of August, be it golfing, tennis, hiking, biking, boating, barbecuing, or just sitting at the edge of a body of water and chilling out…every one of these activities demands a selection of craft beer, fine wine and spirit from 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in downtown Minneapolis!

It doesn’t matter what your beverage choice might be, wine, spirits, craft beer, even adult seltzer, we are stocked full of both old favorites as well as the most current new releases from around the world, all at competitive prices. We think our selection will amaze you while still being kind to your pocket book.

One of the great things about shopping for beer, wine and spirits in the United States is the sheer number of choices that are commonplace here, but not available in the rest of the world. Try finding a bottle of Burgundy in Italy, or a bottle of Chianti in southwest France! Forget about finding a bottle of American wine in Australia, or Germany. The same is true of good Bourbon whiskey. We recall being in a pretty good restaurant in Paris and having it pointed out that there was no vodka on the back bar.

We mention this because we see so many of our customers shopping only for the one or two products that they ALWAYS drink. You know, all over the world professional distillers, brewers and vintners dedicate their lives to producing products that TASTE GOOD! Please don’t be afraid to try new taste sensations that you haven’t had before. (In fact - keep an eye on our Events page - as we proudly host tastings where you can experience something new every weekend!) One of the most rewarding things we do is to suggest different products to our clients….and see the smiles on their faces when they return to tell us how delicious our suggestion was and how it paired perfectly with their dinner. We would love to help YOU!

So, there’s plenty of Summer left to enjoy, even if we can see the end if we squint. There are plenty of beverages at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits that you have not tried yet. Make an adventure out of the rest of your Summer and try something new while you enjoy the best weather of the year!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks for everything you do for us.