Craft Beer of the Month for July 2019: War Pigs

War Pigs - Craft Beer of the Month for July 2019 at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits.jpg

Without collaboration, it’s very possible that our country never could have existed. With this idea in firmly in mind, War Pigs, a craft beer collaboration between 3 Floyds and Mikkeller, felt like the perfect brew to celebrate in July while we celebrate our independence.

See below for month long specials we will be offering in our downtown Minneapolis store on War Pigs six packs, along with a much larger list of craft beer specials. And remember - to please follow our Instagram and Twitter to find out when we get new craft beer in!

July Craft Beer of the Month - War Pigs:
War Pigs 6pks
War Pigs Salmon Pants 6pk Sale $10.99 Reg. $11.99
War Pigs Foggy Geezer 6pk Sale $10.99 Reg. $11.99
War Pigs Lazurite 6pk Sale $10.99 Reg. $11.99

New Craft Beer:
Peak Bloom Organic DDH DIPA 4pk 16oz $9.99
Peak Sweet Tarts Grapefruit/Hibiscus Sour 6pk 12oz $8.99
Surly Grapefruit Supreme Ale 6pk 12oz $9.99
Junkyard Brewing Cha Cha Real Smooth NE DIPA 750ml $8.99
Lake Monster Blood Orange IPA 4pk 12oz $8.99
Mikkeller Rustik Saison 4pk 16oz $12.99
Mikkeller Wicked Sik Spells American Imperial IPA 4pk 16oz $19.99
Deschutes Brewing Black Mirror Black Barley Wine 22oz $16.99
Loon Juice Red Mule Cider 4pk 16oz $9.99
Fulton Solar Vortex Blood Orange Session Ale 4pk 16oz $7.99
56 Super Ssippi Squeeze DDH DIPA 4pk 16oz $15.99
Fair State BBRR (Blackberry/Blueberry/Raspberry Roselle) 4pk 16oz $15.99
Modist Double False Pattern DPA 4pk 16oz $14.99
Modist Double Dreamyard NE DIPA 4pk 16oz $18.99
O'so Hop Debauchery NE DIPA 4pk 16oz $11.99
Bauhaus Fruit Poncho Blackberry Saison 4pk 16oz $12.99
Vander Mill Apple Raspberry Cider 4pk 16oz $10.99
Vander Mill Rose Cider 4pk 8oz $7.99
Blackstack Pull Tabs Pale Ale 4pk 16oz $12.99
Corona Refresca Spiked Refresher 12pk 12oz $17.99
Smirnoff Ice Variety Pack 12pk 12oz $16.99
White Claw 70 Variety Pack 12pk 12oz $16.99
Lift Bridge Jibe Talkin' Apricot Sour 6pk 12oz $8.99
Brewing Projekt Hustle & Flow Pale Ale 4pk 16oz $15.99
Brewing Projekt Mandarinz Puff Sour 4pk 16oz $10.99
Brewing Projekt Razzberry Puff Sour 4pk 16oz $10.99
Brewing Projekt Dare Mighty Things Mosaic IPA 4pk 16oz $14.99
Montucky Cold Snacks 12pk 12oz $12.99
Summit Slugfest IPA 12pk 12oz $15.99
Summit Block Party Variety Pack 12pk 12oz $15.99
Insight Volume One Variety Pack 12pk 12oz $14.99