4th Of July Liquor Specials For Downtown Minneapolis!

While this may be a short work week for you, the team at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits will be here each day making sure you are ready for the 4th of July. Today, let’s make sure that liquor cabinet is ready!

Stop by our downtown Minneapolis store any day this week – even Independence Day! – to stock up on one or more of the bottles below. And remember - to please follow our Instagram and Twitter to find out when we get new and rare whiskey in.

Bulleit Barrel Strength
Sale $24.99 Reg. $69.99

Bushmill's Irish Whiskey
Sale $14.99 Reg. $19.99

Maker's Mark Bourbon
Sale $24.99 Reg. $33.99

Rare Whiskey

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
$74.99 (5 bottles 2A & 3B)

Jefferson's Ocean Wheated Bourbon Sale
$64.99 Reg. $79.99 (6 bottles)