1010 Washington Wine & Spirits Spring Sale Coming This April 3rd!

Today, we are all happy to finally be celebrating the first day of actual spring! Of course, the first day of spring in downtown Minneapolis simply means slightly smaller snowbanks and slightly murkier puddles. It is not necessarily the catharsis we’ve been seeking for lo these many months.

Fortunately, the warmer weather is coming – and with it – our annual spring sale, where we will be offering great storewide deals on craft beer, fine wine and top notch spirits – along with outstanding tastings every weekend!

More details on our spring sale will be forthcoming – and we invite you to like us on Facebook to be among the first to see what we will be offering. In the meantime – mark your calendars for April 3rd – 21st – and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Remember, too, to stop by and help us prepare for our April sale by helping us move through the rest of our March wine specials and cellar selections!