Get the Fine Wine & Craft Spirits You Need To (Finally) Celebrate the Warm Weather!

Who, besides all of us at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in downtown Minneapolis, is yearning for some warm weather??  Come on!! It is May already!  Baseball season is already a month old (Go Twins!) but I haven’t been on the golf course yet, unfortunately.  It seems grossly unfair.

Everyone says we should trust in the fact that warm weather is right around the corner….and we certainly hope so because the Fourth Annual Best Indoor Rose’ tasting is NEXT Saturday…May 11th …from 4PM til 7PM at the store.  This is your best opportunity to taste all of the newly released 2018 vintage Rose’ wines from around the world in one spot.  Well, you cannot taste them ALL, but there will be A LOT of wines being tasted.  Some of these are the new vintage of old favorites, but others are going to be brand new to the store this year.  Given the number of wines you are going to want to try, we suggest that you plan to arrive early and stay late.  There will be plenty of spit buckets available to those of you who want to stay sober and keep your palates sharp.  Given the seasonal nature of rose’ shipments to our suppliers, you might want to take a position on the wines you like next Saturday to insure continuity of supply over the Summer season.

Right on the heels of our Rose’ Tasting, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th.  Depending on Mom’s taste in beverages, you are going to want to make sure that you have an assortment of drinks to celebrate your affection for the woman who carried you for nine months, taught you how to use a spoon, and lavished total love upon you from your birth to this very moment.

Going back to our first sentence, if the weather gets decent by Mother’s Day, you may want to select a refreshing white or pink wine, or even something sparkling for a Springtime celebration with Mom.  If not, well, there is always Bourbon Whisky!

Speaking of Bourbon….did we forget to mention the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 4th at 5:30 PM?  We did!  For shame on us.  This is America’s premier horse race.  Lots of us have parties to attend to watch the Derby.  The signature drink of the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep, but either a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned is an acceptable alternative.  Whichever cocktail you choose as the drink of choice for YOUR Derby party, you will want to consult with our staff for just the right Bourbon whisky.  We still have a very limited quantity of our own personal single barrel selection from Buffalo Trace, but have a good supply of the Old Forester and; for the strong of heart, Barrell.

As usual, there are lots of reasons to shop at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits….and I didn’t even mention that Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner!  Thank you so much for your past business.  Thank you for being our friends and neighbors.  As always, thank you for reading this.