1010 Washington Wine & Spirits Is Here to Fill Downtown Minneapolis’ Summer Sippin’ Needs!

Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror (and what a washout THAT was!), so it must be Summertime in Downtown Minneapolis. Bunches of our customers seem to be pinching themselves to make sure that the dream season the Twins are enjoying isn’t just that…a dream. The Gopher softball team really is living a dream. Think of it…the College World Series for the first time EVER! Go Gophers!

At 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits we continue to be optimistic about Summer, 2019. We are going to get our fill of barbecuing, boating, camping, golf, tennis and picnics. Starting today warm weather is bound to stay soon. We are going to need to stock up on craft beer, wine and spirits for all the fun outdoor events that define Summer in Minnesota.

In that spirit of optimism, we have done our part. The store is fully stocked with both old standards, as well as the cutting edge of exciting new products. What is going on today in the Craft Beer business is…beyond amazing. Darren and Cory, our two craft beer specialists, bring invaluable knowledge of this new business to our store every day. They are truly invaluable assets to our business! If you are the least bit interested in the myriad of new types and flavor combinations that have burst upon the malt beverage scene recently, then there is no greater source of information than our two craft beer specialists. Take advantage of them, the only thing they like better than talking about all the new trends in beer is to be tasting them! They will steer you to all manner of new taste sensations that will be both fun and flavorful.

The truth be known, the best compliment, the biggest rush for any of us at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits is when YOU come back and tell us how the product we suggested was just perfect for your event. The fact that you relied on our judgement and it worked for you is just so gratifying. It happens all the time, but it never gets old. Thank you!

The sheer volume of beverages that are available for sale today can be overwhelming for any consumer. Our promise to you is that one or more of us has tasted almost every single item in the store before we placed it. When it comes to vintage wines, we taste them every year. This may be overkill, but you are entitled to know that when you make a purchase in our store, the product has passed muster with US before we offer it to you. Our goal is that you feel that you don’t have to know too much about wines, spirits and beers because you rely on us! Our business is built on establishing that trust with you, our valuable customers.

So, thank you for trusting us. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your friendship and advice. Thanks for reading this!