Your Downtown Minneapolis Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits Destination For The Busy Final Weeks of Summer

There is no excuse for any of us to sit home alone and be bored these next two weeks! Look at just a short list of what is going on around Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota:

• The State Fair runs through Labor Day.

• The Minnesota Twins are having the most exciting season in years, hopefully culminating in some late October games….with a threat of snow?

• College Football begins with the first game next Thursday night at TCF Bank Stadium.

• The Vikings season is not far behind, with their first game on September 8th.

• School starts. That’s back to work for our kids….and a bit of vacation for parents!

In addition, don’t forget that we are coming into the best weather of the year, with cooler temperatures, lower humidity and blue skies, so there are countless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Forgive me for leaving out the myriad of cultural opportunities that abound in the Twin Cities (if you haven’t yet seen the “Heart of Our Peoples” exhibit at MIA, make sure that you do!). Having said that, our neighbor, The Tyrone Guthrie Theater is about to begin its Fall Season in just a few weeks.

Each and every one of these events is just another occasion for you to come see us at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits to select the perfect craft beer, wine or spirit to enjoy before, during or after whatever YOU choose to participate in. As we indicated above, the kids going back to school certainly calls for a celebratory glass or two of champagne.

We also hope you joint us for more of our craft beer, wine and spirits tastings that we host in our downtown Minneapolis store every Friday and Saturday.

There are so many interesting new craft beers, wines or spirits available, it seems almost criminal to drink the same things over and over…not necessarily because we like them so much, but because they are “safe”. Come to our tastings and take the opportunity to explore new flavors without too much commitment. There is no telling what discoveries you might make! Our tastings run from 2PM til 7 PM every Friday and Saturday.

OK…thanks for reading this! Enjoy the end of August and beginning of September. Have a great time at the Fair! Come see us! We are here for YOU!