Watch The Leaves Change With Wine, Craft Beer & Spirits From 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in Downtown Minneapolis

We have been enjoying weather that’s much more like the middle of June than it is like the middle of September. If, however, you are old enough to be shopping at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits, you know that this is only a temporary reprieve as fall is here NOW! The days are getting shorter and the leaves are already beginning to turn. Enjoy the warm weather because it cannot last!

Hopefully not for the last time, make us your first stop when planning your late Summer (weather-wise, anyway) or early Fall picnic, barbecue, or any other outside activity. We would like to be your first stop for your indoor dinner party, football watching event, or, dare I say it(?) watching the Twins play in the post-season. Let’s face it, we would like to be your first and last stop for all your adult beverage needs now, as the seasons are about to change, and going forward.

We are constantly on the lookout for the newest, the best and the most interesting wines, spirits and craft beers available to us. You can rest assured that one of us, at least, has tasted almost every product in the store or it wouldn’t be in the store. This is important because when you ask for a recommendation, you are entitled to know that the person who makes it has actually tasted the product. It may be more important to know that we “love all of our children” although perhaps not equally when it comes to making suggestions about what to drink. We stand behind whatever YOU pick because WE picked it first!

We think some of you may have missed the boat on the Louis/Dressner Portfolio Wine Tasting. Carl really knew his stuff and more importantly, the wines were outstanding! I am not going to belabor the point , but we really think you should take advantage of the Dreyfus Ashby wine tasting next month on October 22nd. This event is going to be a very interesting comparison of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Burgundy AND Oregon, all produced by the same company….Joseph Drouhin. Plus a few other excellent goodies like Champagne, Bordeaux and Napa Valley Cabernet. If you ever wondered about the effects of terroir, this event should help with your thinking. It is going to be GREAT FUN! As usual, the event will be a the Aloft Hotel starting at 6:30. Call us at (612)339-4040 or drop us an email at to secure your reservation. As always, the cost of admission is $25.00 but it will be refunded against purchases made at the tasting.

Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the Twins drive to the playoffs! Celebrate life’s little victories…with us! We are so thankful to have you as friends and customers! Thanks for reading this!