Craft Beer, Fine Wine & Spirits For All Your Upcoming March Celebrations!

Before Winter bids us adieu, there is much to celebrate…and we believe that all celebrations should start at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits in downtown Minneapolis. After all, if you have the right craft beer, fine wine or spirits, every occasion is a celebration.

First of all, it is State Tournament time. All of the High School tournaments are ahead of us for all of the sports. While each of these events is associated with its own BLIZZARD, it is also a chance for each of us to root for our old school as it winds its way to the championship that eluded us when it was our turn.

In addition, we can look forward to Big 10 tournaments …again in all the sports…so we can cheer on the Gophers, or some other school, should you choose to.

Last but certainly not least, the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament will be at US Bank Stadium the first full weekend of April. (For those of you just meeting us through this post, know that we are the closest liquor store in downtown Minneapolis to US Bank Stadium.) There are big games every weekend of March Madness, and we are pretty sure that there will be an entertainment event for each game.

While all these sporting events are going on, it is still unwise to forget St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th. That is NEXT WEEKEND!! We are fully stocked on the best…and the best selling Irish Whiskies and, of course, a good supply of the appropriate beers necessary to toast the driving out of the snakes from Ireland.

We appreciate that everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day, but those of us who aren’t can also celebrate St. Urho’s Day on March 16th. For those of you who are not familiar, this is a truly Minnesotan holiday invented by citizens of Finnish descent in the 50’s to mark the driving out of the grasshoppers from Finland. It is also an opportunity of mention our new Finnish Gin…Napue Rye Gin from Kyro Distilling. It JUST came on the market, and it is delicious. Available for $34.99.

There are so many opportunities to mark an important occasion with the appropriate toast with a glass of wine, spirits or craft beer from 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits over the next couple of weeks that we hope you found something ELSE to give up for the Lenten season!

We are really looking forward to helping you choose a beverage for all the excitement that awaits us in March! Visit us for an upcoming beer or wine tasting and we’ll be sure you leave with the perfect selection.

Thank you for reading this…thank you for everything you do for us…it is a pleasure to be your favorite liquor store….your friendship is a GIFT!