Bootlegs Are This Year’s Summer Cocktail in Minneapolis!

Wow! We are more than halfway through the month of May. Memorial Day is a week from today….and then….its SUMMERTIME in downtown Minneapolis!!!!

You know what that means, don’t you? Summertime means cold beer, rose’ and white wine, except when you are grilling a steak or a couple of racks of ribs and you need a big red wine to complement your meal. Summertime means cocktails outdoors and if you are a true blue Minnesotan, it might mean a Bootleg!

What is a Bootleg you ask?

A Bootleg is all about limeade, lemonade, mint, club soda, garnish, a lot of ice in a tall glass….and, of course, your favorite spirit (usually vodka?). A Bootleg is not impossible to make, but a good one takes talent.

Apparently, nobody outside of Minnesota had ever HEARD of a Bootleg. That is just another reason to be proud of being a native!!

Digression: We believe in premixed cocktails. Whether we are talking about Manhattans from High West or Jefferson, or Old Fashioneds from Dashfire or Crooked Water…you cannot make a cocktail at home from scratch as well as these folks make them at the distillery. The proportions are always consistent…AND the distillers, in many cases, barrel age the ingredients together so that the flavors are truly integrated and the cocktails are…..PERFECT!!

We are telling you this because we just brought in a premixed Bootleg from Tattersall, our closest local distillery. Can you tell that we LOVE Bootlegs?? A 750ml Tattersall Bootleg is on special at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits for $26.99. The only experiment you have to make is how much soda to add for the perfect, Minnesota born, refresher.

Other than that, we are just so excited that Summer is upon us, and of course that the Twins are in first place in their division. We hope you are, as well, and we really hope that you will include us at 1010 Washington Wine & Spirits and allow us to help you plan your Summer activities with all the best things to drink…including Bootlegs.

Finally, before the Memorial Day anticipation gets too heady, we had better remind you to visit us this weekend for one last craft beer, wine and spirits tasting - before we get to June.

Thanks for everything you do for us. Thanks for reading this!