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Our Final April Wine Tastings

This weekend represents the last bit of spring before we get into May – or to put it in more 2019 terms – we are just one week away from finally being safe from the winter!

So why not celebrate by stopping by to see us in downtown Minneapolis, this Friday and Saturday evening, for some great wine tastings?

See what we have coming up below – and remember to check out our 4th Annual Indoor Rose’ Tasting this May 4th.

Friday April 26th
Merieau Sauvignon Blanc
Vin de Days Blanc
The Emily
Le Clos
Yangarra Old Vine Grenache
Sallier de la Tour Syrah

Saturday April 27th
Kenwood Six Ridges Cabernet
Secret Indulgence Emancipation Red Blend
Latour Ardeche Chardonnay
Saurine Rose
Ercole White Wine
Broadside Merlot