The Doldrums of Winter Are Upon Us...

We Are Dreaming of Tropical Weather But For the Moment We Will Look Within...

While this winter has not been as difficult as last year, many are suffering from various forms of cabin fever. We at 1010 Washington Wine and Spirits have been so busy over the past eight weeks that we have barely noticed. 

By way of introduction, the new management team has over 75 years combined experience in the beverage alcohol field and specifically in the fine wine segment. We think you will be pleased with the increased selection of fine wines from France, Germany, Spain and yes, the New World. that has been added to the store. Not only will you find some rare gems(and values) from the finest small producers, but we hope to reintroduce you to some old favorites from among the largest selling wineries in the world. We sometimes forget that the true art of winemaking is the ability to make 25 or 50,000 cases of wine that is still worthy of high critical acclaim. 

If you have not been in the store this year, there have been a myriad of changes since we took over on January 5th. We have expanded the selection of craft beer to a 36 foot long cooler that allows you to shop a much larger selection and to easily build your own six pack with a variety of interesting beer and ciders. We brought in new shelving for the spirits section which has allowed us to expand our selction and to make our liquor prices more competitive! 

In short, you have welcomed us into your nighborhood, it is our desire to become the best neighborhood purveyor of wines, spirits and beer in the best neighborhood in Minnesota. We welcome your ideas and suggestions as we work to make 1010Washington Wine and Spirits your first choice when you think of alcoholic beverages. 

Jack Goldenberg | Proprietor
Don Hanson | General Manager
Rob Bonelli | Fine Wine Buyer

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